The Bristol RE - A Family Profile

The Bristol RE - A Family Profile, front cover The Bristol RE - A Family Profile, back cover

Incredibly, it is now more than 30 years since we published The Bristol RE A Family Profile. At that time it set new standards in transport publishing and it is still the definitive tribute to one of the bus industry's most underrated products. Author Simon Butler spent many hours meticulously researching the history of the RE and this is reflected in his authoritative and factual text. Simon was also given access to some prominent figures in the bus industry and all offered their own unique perspective on purchasing and operating the RE.

This distinctive blend of facts and anecdotes was added to comprehensive photographic coverage, not only reinforcing factual information but also depicting the RE at work in diverse locations. Leyland Bus, Bristol's successor, placed their official photographic library at Simon's disposal and this provided a nice balance for the contributions from private collections. In total, the book features no less than 137 black and white photographs and concludes with detailed appendices, providing comprehensive information on chassis types and customers.

A small quantity of The Bristol RE A Family Profile is still available and should be obtainable from specialist transport outlets. If you have difficulty locating a stockist send an e-mail to and we will do our best to help.

The Bristol RE A Family Profile. Published by Trevellan Books 1987.
ISBN 1 870484 00 2
128pp, hardback with colour covers.

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