Photographic and Consultancy Services

Trevor Whelan

I am a transport professional of more than 30 years standing and an experienced writer, photographer and publisher. As such I can offer flexible consultancy services specifically tailored to the requirements of individual clients.

I first became involved in transport publishing in 1977 as a contributor. Since then I have published The Bristol RE - A Family Profile and supplied articles for several publications, sometimes supported by relevant images from my extensive photographic collection (see Transport Images on this site). I also have considerable experience of publicity production, including design, copywriting and procurement.

My background includes extensive experience in the public sector (local government and the Department for Transport), including management of Local Transport Plan schemes, as well as the private and third sectors in operational and policy roles. I have worked in teams and organisations of all sizes and I am equally content to work solo or as part of a team.

My particular specialisation is transport photography. With over 40 years of experience there are few situations I have not encountered! As well as being a former press officer in the bus industry, I possess a very broad knowledge of the logistics and transport sector. This means that I have an immediate and natural empathy with the needs of transport clients and can interpret commissions creatively.

I would be more than happy to discuss your requirements informally and in confidence. In the first instance please e-mail me with a brief outline of your requirements and appropriate contact details.

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