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4498 'Sir Nigel Gresley' near Hatton, 1973. Ref.TX0742Only a fraction of my collection has been published to date, mostly bus and coach images. Indeed, one of the main reasons behind the creation of a digital archive is to provide more opportunities to exploit the collection creatively. In this respect, preference will be given to transport publishers with a reputation for quality output, although other uses will be considered.

Class 31 no.5535 at Old Oak Common, 1973. Ref.TX0830High resolution scanning of such a large collection is a very time-consuming process and this is taking priority over the creation of detailed listings. However, as a rough guide, monochrome images outnumber colour by a ratio of around 3:1 up until 1991. Virtually all subsequent work has been been shot in colour.

55 005 at Kings Cross, 1980. Ref.032106Rail subjects include individual locomotive studies, encompassing most types in service from 1972 onwards, but always aiming to capture the atmosphere of the subject's working environment. Diesel and electric multiple units also feature across the same period, along with examples of preserved locomotives and rolling stock working on both the national network and heritage railways.

Hertford East station throat during WARM, 2003. Ref.DF246For some 50 years my local railway was the route from Liverpool Street to Hertford East, Bishops Stortford and Cambridge. It is only natural, therefore, that this area is well represented in my collection, having grown into a comprehensive record of rolling stock and infrastructure over three decades. A small selection of images taken between 1973 and 2011 can be found here.

East Kent AEC Regent V at Ramsgate station, August 1980. Ref.034606Bus and coach material spans a wide range of subjects and locations. As stated previously, London Transport and London Country operations are in the majority, but there is fair coverage of provincial operators. Some bus photographers regard street furniture and people as intrusive but, as with rail subjects, I try to convey the vehicle's working environment as far as possible within each composition.

And finally...
While road and rail transport forms the core of my collection, it does contain examples of aviation and maritime subjects. There is also a fair amount of non-transport material, including architecture, landscapes and streetscapes. These pages are intended to provide a briefStar 
ferry leaving Kowloon for Hong Kong island, 1991. Ref.TX4367 insight into the breadth of the transport elements in the collection and further examples can be found in gallery-style pages of thumbnail images. Prospective publishers are welcome to contact me through the feedback link below.

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