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Semaphore signals at Welwyn North, 1973. Ref.TX0756It would not be an exaggeration to state that this is probably one of the largest collections of unpublished transport material in the UK today. It has been around 40 years in the making, whether undertaking specific assignments or merely being opportunistic. Unsurprisingly, living in Southern England means that this area predominates, but there is also a good selection of images shot elsewhere in mainland Britain. There is an even a small sprinkling of overseas material, including images from Europe and Hong Kong.

Edited image of 4VEP (Class 423) at Kingston, 1979. Ref.020432Work began in 2002 to convert tens of thousands of negatives and transparencies into a digital archive, with all the additional advantages that this medium offers. A major benefit is that images can be supplied to publishers in a bespoke form, allowing the resolution, workspace and file format to be specified. Selective and creative manipulation of certain images also provides artistic opportunity and a change from standard views.

RML on route 16A at Brent Cross, 1982. Ref.TE3789Subject matter is mainly bus, coach and rail, plus a few aviation and maritime images. An abiding affection for the London Transport design ethos is reflected in a large number of images featuring London buses in the 1970s and '80s. These include the final years of RT and RF operation, as well as the iconic Routemaster and its less illustrious successors. London Country buses also feature in the collection, especially between 1974 and 1983.

Ford/Alexander bus at Fort William, 1981. Ref TX2629Many NBC and SBG subsidiaries were covered in varying degrees, encompassing a broad range of vehicle types in equally diverse locations. The example on the right is an Alexander-bodied Ford pictured at Fort William in 1981, but it could equally have been an East Kent Regent V in Thanet or a Bristol VR in Devon or the Isle of Wight. The collection also includes many images of coaches working for operators of all sizes.

This page is designed to give a flavour of the range of my transport work. A few more examples from the collection are reproduced on the next page, along with further information for prospective publishers.

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