50 years of transport images

The Trevor Whelan Collection

Early Days
I took my first photographs as a schoolboy in the late 1960s, using an old and very basic Halina camera. A growing interest in transport soon dictated that this would form most of my subject matter, Warship class no.832 'Onslaught' at Reading; July 1972. 
Ref.TX0551with a particularly strong emphasis on railways. In the early 1970s, the simple roll film camera and a later, but equally basic, Kodak Instamatic were superseded by 35mm SLRs. From then on, output was a mixture of black and white (monochrome) and colour, the latter principally as transparencies.

Moving on up
Medium format made a more sophisticated comeback in 1979, with a semi-professional SLR system being utilised primarily for monochrome work. This continued to be supplemented by 35mm colour images. Since then, further equipment changes have occurred, with professional digital equipment having replaced traditional film cameras.

The whole picture
Class 460 Gatwick Express at East Croydon; 2001. Ref.101216 My work now spans more than four decades and I am still actively adding to the collection. Originally, it was not my intention to actively market the images, since photography was essentially a creative and (usually) relaxing pastime. However, since August 2011 I have been taking on professional commissions of a transport nature, putting my extensive experience to good use.

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