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A few more examples of transport images shot on the Isle of Wight, this time in colour and using a variety of cameras and formats. For example, the first image was shot in the summer of 1970 with my old Instamatic and is included for its historic interest rather than technical quality. In contrast, the image of the Bristol RE on the right of that row was shot with an elderly Ensign 820 Selfix, while later medium format images utilised Hasselblad equipment. Other colour images on this page come from a mixture of 35mm SLRs and digital cameras.

Sandown, 1970. Ref TX0167
Sandown, 1970.
'Nuclear Fred' at Sandown, 1980. Ref TX2513
05 001 parked at Sandown,
25th October 1980.
Newport Bus Stn, 1982. Ref TE3710
Newport Bus Stn,
21st August 1982.
Ryde Esplanade, 1984. Ref 055404
Ryde Esplanade, 1984.
Ryde Esplanade, 1981. Ref TX2594
Ryde Esplanade, 1981.
Sandown, August 1982. Ref TE3784
August 1982.
Sandown, 1985. Ref TX3000
485 043
arriving at Sandown,
16th February 1985.
The Cowes chain ferry, June 2003. Ref 104917
The Cowes chain ferry,
June 2003.
Sandown, 1989. Ref TX3811
April 1989.
483 005 at St John's Road, April 1991. Ref 074216
483 005 at St John's Road,
13th April 1991.
Newport Bus Station, 1982. Ref TX2862
Newport, 1982.
Ryde Pier Head, 1991. Ref TX4115
Ryde Pier Head,
April 1991.
Ryde Esplanade, June 2003. Ref 105422
Ryde Esplanade, 2003.
mv Caedmon approaching Yarmouth, 2003. Ref TX4804
mv Caedmon
Yarmouth, 2003.
Ryde Esplanade, June 2003. Ref TX4816
Ryde Esplanade, 2003.
Newport Bus Station, June 2005. Ref 107510
The "old" bus station,
Newport, 2005.
Ryde St John's Road, 2005. Ref 107223
Ryde St John's Road, 2005.
mv Red Falcon leaving Cowes, 2005. Ref TX4966
mv Red Falcon
Cowes, June 2005.
Class 483 approaching Lake, August 2005. Ref 107906
483 009
Lake, August 2005.
Our Lady Pamela heading for Portsmouth, 2006. Ref DC2157
Our Lady Pamela
leaving Ryde on
8th September 2006.
A new look for Southern Vectis, Shanklin, 2006. Ref DC2272
A new look for
Southern Vectis;
Shanklin, 2006. (DC2272)
Hovertravel's AP1-88 Freedom 90 arriving at Ryde; 2007. Ref 113608
IoW: hovercraft heaven.
Hovertravel's Freedom 90
arriving at Ryde;
July 2007.
The new, but rather dysfunctional bus station at Newport; 
July 2007. Ref TH6183TN
The new bus station at
Newport: functionality
sacrificed to Mammon.
July 2007.
483 008, Shanklin, September 2007. Ref DC3394
483 008
September 2007.
Southern Vectis 306 at Cowes; 2008. Ref DA4973
Southern Vectis 306
(later renumbered 3319)
climbing out of Cowes,
19th September 2008.
483 004 at Brading;June 2011. Ref DA8556
483 004 calls at Brading
with an up service;
June 2011.
Southern Vectis Citaro 453, Ryde Esplanade, 2nd July 2009. Ref DA5630
453, one of the short-lived
Citaros on service 9 at
Ryde Esplanade;
2nd July 2009.
The hulk of PS Ryde at Island Harbour, Binfield; 5th February 2014. Ref DT12209
A sad sight for transport
aficianados: the hulk of
PS Ryde at
Island Harbour, Binfield
5th February 2014.
Southern Vectis 3324 at the Cowes Red Jet terminal, 20th December 2013. Ref DT12009
Southern Vectis 3324 at the
Cowes Red Jet terminal;
20th December 2013.

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