The Trevor Whelan Collection
Maritime Images 1:
The Solent, 1985-2011

Other than family holidays at the seaside I have had no obvious links with the sea. However, like many people, I developed an interest in ships and ports which, in recent years, has become part of my work as a transport professional.

This gallery features a modest selection of images, taken over a period of 26 years, with more to come as time permits.

RFA Pearleaf, Portsmouth Harbour, February 1985. Ref 057309
RFA Pearleaf
Portsmouth Harbour;
20th February 1985.
Viking Viscount entering Portsmouth Harbour, 1986. Ref 060722
Townsend Thoresen days in
Portsmouth. Viking Viscount
enters the harbour in 1986.
THV Patricia, Portsmouth Harbour, June 2005. Ref 107413
THV Patricia in
Portsmouth for the
Trafalgar 200 event,
June 2005.
Maersk Pristine, only a few months old, Southampton Water, 
2005. Ref TH5116
Maersk Pristine,
only a few months old.
Southampton Water,
August 2005.
PS Waverley, Yarmouth, 2006. Ref DC2212
PS Waverley
calling at Yarmouth;
September 2006.
Pride of Bilbao in the Bar Channel, October 2007. Ref DC3603
Pride of Bilbao
in the Bar Channel,
October 2007.
Grande Europa, September 2006. Ref DC2225
Grande Europa,
September 2006.
The QE2 is prepared for her 40th anniversary cruise to UK 
ports; Southampton, 15th September 2007. Ref DC3413
Queen Elizabeth 2,
September 2007
RFA Mounts Bay entering Southampton Water, September 2008. Ref DA4950
RFA Mounts Bay,
Southampton Water,
September 2008.

Normandie entering
Portsmouth Harbour on
a sunny Sunday,
16th September 2007. (113926)
Commodore Clipper off Southsea, June 2008. Ref DA4335
Commodore Clipper
off Southsea;
June 2008.

No apologies for another look
at the graceful lines of
Waverley, this time off
Cowes; September 2008.
APL Poland outbound from Southampton, July 2009. Ref DA5541
APL Poland outbound
from Southampton,
1st July 2009.
mv Tagus at anchor in Southampton Water, July 2009. Ref DA5555
mv Tagus at anchor
in Southampton Water;
July 2009.
CMA CGM Jamaica passing Calshot Spit, July 2010. Ref DA7032
CMA CGM Jamaica passing
Calshot Spit inbound to SCT;
12th July 2010.
Gosport Queen in Portsmouth Harbour, July 2009. Ref DA8363
Gosport Queen plies her trade
in Portsmouth Harbour,
June 2011.
Independence of the Seas, Southampton, June 2011. Ref DA8481
Independence of the Seas
looks magnificent in
25th June 2011.

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