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For those of us who have an extensive interest in design and the history of London's transport, the London Underground system perfectly encapsulates the historical legacy that began with the London Passenger Transport Board back in 1933. More than 70 years later that rich design legacy is still highly visible on the Underground network, and even with the current extensive refurbishment work one can look back across several decades of design trends.

My first photographic images of the LU system were taken in November 1969 during an official visit to Neasden depot and since then I have tried to record aspects of the contemporary scene, a process that became increasingly difficult for a time due to fears of terrorism. While constant vigilance is essential, the sometimes irrational response of officials to genuine historians and photographers was both disappointing and arguably counter-productive. This was especially true of people like me, who are well versed in transport security policy and procedures. Fortunately, during 2010 there was a long overdue outbreak of common sense, with enthusiasts and photographers no longer harried unnecessarily, although I know from personal experience that there are still isolated problems caused by over-officious staff.

Co/CP stock at an unidentified location, 1975. Ref TX1260
CO/CP stock at an
unidentified location,
Hornchurch, 1980. Ref 038001
District Line R stock
calling at Hornchurch,
22nd November 1980.
C69 stock on outer Circle at Liverpool Street, 1974. Ref 002710
C69 stock arriving at
Liverpool Street,
1973 stock at Uxbridge in April 1979. Ref 021127
1973 stock at Uxbridge,
14th April 1979
Golders Green, 1981. Ref 039607
LU 1972 Mk1 stock
Golders Green,
20th April 1981.
1959 stock at High Barnet, 1980. Ref 038210
1959 stock at High Barnet,
27th December 1980
1962 stock at Hainault, 1982. Ref TX2817
1962 stock at Hainault
in 1982.
1938 stock at Queens Park, 1981. Ref 045715
1938 stock at
Queens Park, 1981.
LT A60/62 stock at Moor Park, 1982. Ref TX2779
A60/62 stock
Moor Park,
ELL A stock train at New Cross Gate, 2001. Ref 102211
ELL A stock train at
New Cross Gate,
Harmonious design 1, Baker Street, 2005. Ref 108619
Harmonious design (1)
Baker Street,
Greenford, 1982. Ref 074004
1962 stock at
Greenford, 1982. (074004)
C69/77 stock at Liverpool Street, June 2009. Ref DP5378
C69/77 stock at
Liverpool Street,
June 2009
Harmonious design 2 - Stratford, Jublilee Line, October 2009. Ref DP6173
Harmonious design (2)
Stratford, Jubilee Line,
October 2009.
1967 stock at Pimlico, August 2009. Ref DA5807
1967 stock at
Pimlico (northbound),
August 2009
Victoria Line 2009 stock at Euston; October 2010. Ref DA7536
Victoria Line 2009 stock
at Euston (northbound),
6th October 2010
S8 stock at Harrow-on-the-Hill, April 2011. Ref DA8089
S stock at
April 2011

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