The Trevor Whelan Collection
London Country and Green line operations

A small selection of colour images taken in the LCBS operating area.

LCBS RF613 at Broxbourne Station, 1975. Ref TX1581
RF613 (HG)
Broxbourne Station, 1975.
LCBS SNB at Hemel Hempstead, 1977. Ref TX1856
Hemel Hempstead, 1977.
Slough, 1978. Ref TX1998
Slough, 1978.
Windsor, 1976. Ref TX1831
Windsor, April 1976.
Stevenage, 1978. Ref TX1970
Stevenage, 1978.
Hoddesdon, June 1980. Ref TM1919
Hoddesdon, 1980.
LCBS AN115 at Rye Park, 1980. Ref TX2424
Rye Park, 1980.
Stevenage, 1980. Ref TM0136
Stevenage, 1980.
London & COuntry at Orpington Station, 1993. Ref TX4543
Orpington Station, 1993.(TX4543)
RS31, Eccleston Bridge, 1980. Ref TX2440
Eccleston Bridge,
BTL4, Heathrow Airport, 1985. Ref TM3851
Heathrow Airport, 1985.
West Croydon, 1984. Ref TX2907
West Croydon,
TP25, Buntingford Greenways, 1986. Ref TE4841
TP25 (HG) in early morning
sunshine at Buntingford
(Greenways); 17th June 1986.
Yours Truly was the driver.

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